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Running your company day to day is hard enough, but improving your systems, refining you brand's message, and fine tuning your sales and marketing process can be overwhelming and time consuming. We can help provide a roadmap for your company to execute, or we can execute the strategy on your behalf. With more efficient systems, better marketing strategy and a clearer path forward, you'll create a more profitable company, and have the time to do the things you do best. 

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Agribusiness Guidance

This year we've all seen significant changes to the way we do business in agriculture. Getting it right in 2022 is imperative. Book a session for yourself or for your whole team, plan your sales and marketing path to success now. Enjoy knowing where your marketing dollar have gone, what worked and what didn't work, and how your sales team achieved success with the leads they were given.


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Chrissy Wozniak is from the small town of Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada but now lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her family. She grew up with a deep love and respect for agriculture.

After going to college for agriculture, her life took her in a different direction than farming. She followed a career path in agribusiness and became the sales manager of an agriculture and horticulture structures manufacturing company. Her entrepreneurial heart eventually led her to leave that position to start a marketing and consulting agency, which primarily serves the agriculture industry. She offers her services to those in agribusiness looking for guidance on marketing and sales management processes.

During the COVID19 pandemic she saw a need in the agriculture industry, an industry that depended on live interactions - to have a source where producers can easily find information, products & services, tools for mental health, and resources for agribusiness, and that also helps ag manufacturers, suppliers & service providers with a creative and meaningful way to reach their customers. Devoted to highlighting the people & companies in agriculture who impact our industry and help feed the world​, North American Ag has taken a life of it’s own and now incudes a weekly podcast/YouTube/Rumble show called North American Ag Spotlight that features those in the industry making a difference!

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